Zeal Plant Woman
Chrono Trigger000
Zeal Plant Woman beside her seed in Zeal.
Home Time 12000 BC
Home Area Zeal Palace

Zeal Plant Woman is a minor character in Chrono Trigger. She wears a gown and hat of orange fur. A violet-colored shawl wraps her neck, and she wears gloves of the same color. Her hair color is similar to the other Enlightened Ones. Since her real name is unknown, she has been dubbed "Zeal Plant Woman" to differentiate her from the other women in Zeal who look identical to her.


Before Zeal falls, she approaches the party about whether to comply with Queen Zeal's order to burn a Seed given to her by Gaspar, the Guru. Rumor has it that the seed is magical and could heal the environment. One of the few Enlightened Ones to survive the Fall of Zeal, she dwells in the Last Village commons, where she repeats the question. Advising her to plant the seed will open the Fiona's Forest sidequest. After this, the domes in the Future display many potted plants, a detail that does not exist beforehand.

The woman tells the player that if she is reincarnated, she would like to live in a land full of green forests. She is probably an ancestor of Fiona, as Fiona remarked that her family possessed the seed that sprouted the forest surrounding her villa for many generations. This detail was omitted from the North American version of the game.

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