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Yaksha Blade
Japanese Name 夜叉
(やしゃ, Yasha, lit. Yaksha)
SNES/PSX Name Vedic Blade
Equipment Type Katana
Description A sword that draws upon a yaksha's might
Attack 135
Sell 15,000 G
Treasure Chests Death Peak

The Yaksha Blade (夜叉 Yasha?, Yaksha) (also known as Vedic Blade in the SNES/PS version) is a weapon in Chrono Trigger and is Crono's thirteenth-level katana. It has an attack power of 135 and can be found in a chest at Death Peak.

While its in-battle sprite color is the same as the Steel Saber (light gray), its slashing trail is the same as the Primeval Blade and Zanmato (two sparks which form a slight lightning bolt effect), only colored gray-black.

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