Wrath Band
Equipment Type Accessory
Description An armband that greatly amplifies anger.
Effect 80% counterattack rate
Treasure Chests Giant's Claw (chest)

Wrath Band (げきどのうでわ Frenzy Bracelet?) (also known as FrenzyBand in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger. As with the Rage Band, this accessory boosts the rate the wearer will counter an enemy attack; however, the Wrath Band ensures more efficient counters, boosting the counter rate to 80%, and can be worn by any character. Find the Wrath Band in Giant's Claw in a chest.

Name OriginEdit

Wrath is synonymous with anger. Evidently, when attacked, the band's wearer is more inclined to retaliate angrily.

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