Wooden Sword
Wood Sword
SNES/PSX Name Wood Sword
Equipment Type Katana
Description A sturdy hardwood blade
Attack 3
Sell 50G

The Wooden Sword (木刀 Bokutō?, Wooden Blade) (also known as Wood Sword in the SNES/PS version) is a weapon in Chrono Trigger. It has an attack power of 3 and can be sold for 50 G. Crono starts with this weapon.

In Japan, Wooded Swords (also called Bokuto) are Samurai training swords. Since Crono starts the game with this weapon, it alludes to his start as a swordsman. The introduction in the PlayStation release of the game depicts Crono practicing sword techniques with a wooden blade, furthering this idea.

In-game, the weapon like with all of Crono's weapons still is rendered as a katana in his sprite, only its "blade" is colored light-brown mixed with yellow. Its slashing trails are shown as small yellow-colored sparks (with slight orange outlines).

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