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Weaken Element
Serge uses Weaken on Googhoul.
Type Debuff
Color Red
Allocation Level 4±4
Target One Enemy
User All
Description Temporarily decreases enemy's attack power.

Weaken is a 4th-level Red Element. After assisting the sailors on the S.S. Invincible defeat the Ghost Ship, Weaken, and several other strong elements, Traps, Buffs and Debuffs are purchasable from the Demi-human merchants in Guldove and Marbule. Specifically, Weaken minimizes a single opponent's Attack, regardless of level allocation. Because of this, it is wasteful to set NWeaken and other Buff/Debuff Elements any higher than the level 1 allocation spot. Although this will depict the Element as being -3, no quality difference is depicted; the character with Weaken cast on them will still receive the same impediments for several turns. As the counterpart to Strengthen, Weaken sells for 430 G. Alternatively, a chest in Mount Pyre contains a free Weaken.

In battle, Opah Fish, Bubba Dingo, WillO'Wisp, and Cat Burglar cast Weaken as level 2 Elements (Weaken -2), while Gobledygook cast it as level 5 Elements (Weaken +1). Commonly, Fire Dragon and TutanShaman drop this Element after battles, the latter or which casts Weaken as a 4th level Element in battles.


A downward cyclone of yellow energy spins down the target in a clockwise direction. Rising upwards through the vortex is a faint white-colored fog.

Name OriginEdit

Physical weakness would make attacking very difficult, or lower the potential damage.

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