Water is the type of magic used by Frog.


When meeting Spekkio for the first time, he will explain that there are four types of magic: Fire, Water, Light, and Shadow. Crono's party has magic in them, which allows Spekkio to grant them magic. Crono (Light), Marle (Ice), Lucca (Fire), Frog (Water), and Magus (Shadow) can all learn magic, while Robo and Ayla cannot, due to Robo not being a life form and Ayla existing before magic was created. Ice is counted as another type of water magic when fighting somthing that is only affected by water or not affected by water.

Water TechsEdit

There are two Techs that Frog can learn that are Water-based.

Tech MP TP Target Description
Water 2 N/A One enemy Attack an enemy with water.
Water II 8 400 All enemies Attack all enemies with water.

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