Hello, everyone! Welcome to the Table of Content page for my walkthough. My name is Zakiel Mori, the host of the Dragon Waltz youtube channel, and I'm trying to steal CommanderCobalt's viewers, err... I mean I'm working on a Chrono Trigger LP. I grew up on Square-Enix, which is likely the same for thoses who're reading this, and while playing Chrono Trigger for the 100000000000th time, I thought to myself, "This is a good sandwich!", then I decided to make an LP of one of the greatest games ever created. But that's enough of my ramblings: Here is Chrono Trigger! ..... (for PSX!)

The DepartureEdit

Episode 1: In the Beginning

Episode 2: This Place is "Fairly" Fun!

Episode 3: Lucca's Invention

Episode 4: When are We!?

Episode 5: So is she dead!?

Episode 6: Save the Queen

Episode 7: Marle's Final Escort

Episode 8: A "Fair" Trial

Episode 9: Jail Break!

Episode 10: Teenaged Mutant Chrono Trigger

Episode 11, Part 1: Can We Eat it!?!?!?

Call to ActionEdit

Episode 11, Part 2: Can We Eat It!?!?!?

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