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Hello Chrono Wiki! I've decided to imbark into the creating a walkthrough of one of my favorite game, "Chrono Cross". I, of course I don't take full credit and I got plenty of help from other authors and "video maker" while I merely compile two different work together in unity... somehow. Now this is my first walkthrough so don't HAUNT ME DOWN if I don't go the way you would. You can always created your own version. I have only played this game twice personally, but I am going through the whole process again for the third time thanks to the help of these awesome people:

  • CubeMario: For making the video and his own spill of the game. He has played the game 12+ times, so he knows what he is talking about. I will mostly based my parts around he's parts.
  • Shotgunnova: For making the word version of the walkthrough: There will times where the words don't match up with the video so I may distort, revise the author work. But full credit goes to this author.

This walkthrough will be a total of 88 Parts! This helps me organized information better without overwhelming myself.

Table of Contents Edit

So I can easily navigate my own pages. There will also be a navigation option in each page to the previous or next parts.

For the following parts: You can choose between three different option which leads to different events.

Ends different options.

(Note: I will going the route of "saving Kid" versus not saving her. Here are some differences to consider: (View Here))

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