Hi out there!Edit

Thank you for clicking on this page! This is the complete walkthrough for Chrono Cross. It is currently in progress, so you can read it up to a certin point or whatever. Also, I will try to be covering both paths when you choose to save Kid or not. Well, enough of the talking, let's get on with the walkthrough!!!!!! By the way, I might not know where all of the treasure chests are and the monsters and the exact way to go, but just go with the flow. Thanks!!!!

Part 1:Edit

Fort DragoniaEdit

New Characters: Serge, Kid, Random CharacterEdit

Ok, you probably have no idea where you are, but you'll recongize this place later. Anyway, you'll start of with Serge, Kid, and a random character. You'll all have Mythril equipment and all sorts of Elements, but don't get used to it, because you won't have it for long. the enemies here are not hard, so you have nothing to worry about. So you're at the elevator thing, right? Ok, you can go to the left if you want and get a glimpse of the thing you're supposed to get to, but it's pretty much a waste of time. Go through the set of stairs until you get to the shiny thing on the rock. Click on it to turn it off. Now, go around to get to the teleporter with 3 circles, and then you'll get teleported. Now you're on top of the sky!!!!!No, just kidding. But you're pretty high up. Anyway, after you go up to the gate straight ahead, there will be an MM (Movie Mode), and you'll end up at....

Arni VillageEdit

New Characters: Serge, Poshul

Whew, what happened? What a dream...........Anyway, new place to explore!!!!!! There is a training center somewhere here, where you can fight Radius, this old dude, there is a shop, a restaraunt, and a new character perhaps. Anyway, if you look under you're bed, you'll find 200G!!!! Somewhere in your room is some Tablets, too. Talk to the man near the giant swordfish for the [SawTooth Necklace] key item and search the cart in the center of town for the {Seashell} custom frame. Enter the restaurant and search the "barrel" a few times for a free element and look for the [Heckran Bone] key item in the back room. Also, give a [Komodo Scale] to the small boy near the element shop for a reward.

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