Vita Tres
Location Sea of Eden
HP Innate
2500 Blue
Attack Magic Attack
95 31
Defense Magic Defense
100 63
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Diva Dress Golden Tiara
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
White Brooch HolyHealing
Absorbs Immune

Vita Tres is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. Each separate piece of this boss is its own separate enemy, and thus any extra damage dealt as the finishing blow will not carry on to the next piece. If the field all one color, this boss will use the level 6 attacking Element of the same color against the party. If used by Vita Tres, the party probably will not survive unless the player laid a trap Element.

Name OriginEdit

Vita Tres, in Italian, means third life or life three. The word Vita can also be used to describe an organic, living being. So Vita Tres mean simply mean Third Being, as it is the third being fought in a series of three.

Related EnemiesEdit

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