Valkyrie Bow
SNES/PSX Name Valkerye
Equipment Type Bow
Description A longbow instilled with a valkyrie’s might.
Attack 180
Sell 19000 G
Treasure Chests Hero's Grave (Post-upgrade)

Valkyrie’s Bow (also known as Valkerye in the SNES/PS version) is a Bow in Chrono Trigger. With an attack power of 180, it is the eleventh bow used by Marle. Prior to upgrading the Masamune in the Hero's Grave, Valkyrie's Bow can be found in a Sealed Chest. It has a base critical hit rate of 40%. 


Valkyrie, in Norse legend, watched over battlefields on their flying horses and chose the honorary fallen to reside in Vallhalla until the events of Ragnarock. While in Vallhalla, Valkyrie serve mead to the warriors, much like Marle prepares drinks for the heroes in one of the game's alternate endings. Ironically, Valkyrie commonly wield lances and rapiers, not bows.

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