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Upheaval Element
Luccia uses Upheaval on a Bulb.
Type Magic
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 3±5
Target One Enemy
User Any
Description Spears enemy with shards of shattered earth. Inflicts Sprain.

Upheaval is a 3rd-level Yellow Element in Chrono Cross. Upheavals are rare drops from Beeba. When cast, several rock spears thrust up from the ground and stab through the target for moderate Earth-type damage and sometimes, the Sprain status.


  • Upheaval is a word used in Geology to refer to an instance of upheaving in the Earth's Crust, which matches the animation seen in-game.
  • The spears of rock that protrude from the ground vaguely resemble Dreamstone, which may allude to that rocks method of formation.

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