MP Costs 2/3/10
Element Type Shadow
Crono Reqs Cyclone
Robo Reqs Laser Spin
Ayla Reqs Tail Spin
Target All enemies
Description It combines Cyclone, Tail Spin and Laser Spin to form a powerful attack.

Twister is a Triple Tech that is used by Crono, Ayla, and Robo in Chrono Trigger. It combines Cyclone, Tail Spin, and Laser Spin to create a strong powerful tech.

In the attack, Robo starts by jumping toward the center of the screen and begins spinning. Crono then jumps on top of him like he does in Rocket Roll and spins as well. Ayla joins the boys as the top of the tower and all three of them spin around and around, creating a massive black twister which splits into another. Every target present receives massive Shadow damage after the move ends.

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