This article details the timeline if Chrono Cross. The first timeline details events prior to the dimensional schism. The next two detail events in the separate universes following the schism. After that, there are details on any other universes that exist.

Timeline of the Keystone Dimension prior to SchismEdit

Note: This timeline occurs simultaneously with the Timeline of Chrono Trigger up to the dimensional schism in 1010 AD


12000 BC - The AntiquityEdit

  • Chronopolis arrives from the future due to the effects of the Time Crash, drawn to this point thanks to the awakening of Lavos at the Ocean Palace. It lands in the Sea of Eden.
  • Dinopolis is shifted from the Dragonian dimension into the Keystone Dimension to balance Chronopolis' introduction into the past.
  • A war is waged between the Dragonians of Dinopolis and the staff of Chronopolis.
  • Following this battle, the Dragon God is segmented into six pieces and scattered throughout El Nido.
  • FATE begins terraforming El Nido and selects a number of individuals to populate the islands. Using the six pieces of the Dragon God, it also engineers Elements.
  • Chronopolis is sealed off from the rest of the archipelago by powerful defense systems.
  • FATE is cut off from its power source by the Prometheus Circuit to prevent anyone from coming into contact with the Frozen Flame and becoming the Arbiter.

The PresentEdit

The FutureEdit

  • c. 2300 AD - Belthasar arrives in the Future and begins constructing Chronopolis in the El Nido archipelago. He builds the supercomputer known as FATE to officiate the facility, using parts from the original Mother Brain computer. Studying the flow of time, he discovers the fate of Schala.
  • 2300 AD - Robo appears in the future, and either the original or his duplicate vanishes at the same time that he originally left with Crono and the others.
  • 2400 AD
    • Belthasar sets his plans in motion on Project Kid. He builds the Neo Epoch and travels back to c. 1000 AD.
    • He sets up the Counter-Time Experiment
    • As a result of the experiement, the Time Crash occurs. Sensing the disturbance to the timeline, Lavos seizes the base and hurls Chronopolis and its occupants 14,400 years into the past.

Timeline of Home WorldEdit

Note: Despite its name, "Home World" is the foreign timeline that split off of the main sequence of events. It is distinguished from "Another World" by two important factors: 1) Chronopolis is never brought from the future, and 2) Serge survives.

920 ADEdit

  • Settlers from Zenan begin colonizing the El Nido archipelago.

1010-1020 ADEdit

  • 1010 AD - The dimension suffers numerous changes as a result of the paradox of Serge's survival and the split of the dimensions.
    • Chronopolis vanishes from the Sea of Eden, the damage suffered to the space-time continuum now opening up the Dead Sea, where refuse from discarded timelines appear. This stems from the tears in space-time created by Lavos, who is no longer destroyed in this timeline.
    • With the lack of terraforming that Chronopolis would have conducted, the Dragon Gods vanish from the terraformed locations of Sky Dragon Isle, Mount Pyre, and Gaea's Navel.
    • Without FATE to operate them, the Records of Fate shut down. The people of El Nido are not manipulated by FATE and begin interacting with the Zenan mainland.
    • Numerous timeline alterations occur within the preceding millennia, such as preventing the extinction of the hydra in the Hydra Marshes.
  • 1017 AD

1020 ADEdit

The Events of Chrono Cross

After 1020 ADEdit

Note: All events after this point are the natural progression of events before any changes made by Serge.
  • 1999 AD - The Day of Lavos
    • Due to changes in the timeline, Chrono and his friends do not arrive to stop Lavos and the world is destroyed

Timeline of Another WorldEdit

Note: This is the continuation of the normal timeline, though altered due to the presence of Chronopolis and Dinopolis.

1010 AD to 1020 AD Edit

1020 ADEdit

The Events of Chrono Cross

Timeline of the Dragonian DimensionEdit

Note: The dates in this universe use a different dating system, due to the Reptite civilization dominating as opposed to the human one. The Guardian dating system will be used to maintain commonality.

65M BCEdit

  • Lavos bypasses the planet. As a result, the Reptites survive and the ice age never begins.
  • Despite the death of their leader, Azala, the Reptites wipe out the human race.

Between 65M BC and 2400 ADEdit

  • Due to continued exposure to Dreamstone, the Reptites evolve into the Dragonians
  • Dragonian advancement is based upon connection to the elements of nature, rather than the use of technology
  • The city of Dinopolis is constructed
  • The Dragonians create the Dragon God to manage and control their city

2400 ADEdit

  • As a result of the Time Crash, Dinopolis is pulled through space-time into the Keystone Dimension to the year 12000 BC. This is to counter-balance the appearance of the foreign mass of Chronopolis.

Timeline of the Dimension VortexEdit

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