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Time's Eclipse
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Notable Inhabitants Alternate Magus

Time's Eclipse is a location in Chrono Trigger (DS). It is presented using the area where Lavos' first form is fought universally as well as the Mammon Machine in the Black Omen. However, it is not explicitly stated whether this place IS where those two were fought, or if it was simply a design choice made during development.

Chrono Trigger (DS)Edit

If the player conquers all 3 Dimensional Vortex areas, the bucket at the End of Time will open a Gate leading to Time's Eclipse where a version of Magus is encountered, regardless of whether if he was killed or recruited, or in the latter case, whether or not he is in the active party. If he was recruited and is in the active party, he will react to the reveal of his other self, who does not react to him.

Beyond this other Magus is a Gate that leads to "Beyond Time's Eclipse"[sic] where a new enemy resides, yielding the Dreamseeker for Crono if defeated.