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Thunder Blade
Bolt Sword
Japanese Name 雷鳴剣
(らいめいけん, Raimei Ken, lit. Thunderclap Sword)
SNES/PSX Name Bolt Sword
Equipment Type Katana
Description A mighty sword that strikes like lightning
Attack 25
Sell 2,500 G
Won From Arena of the Ages
Treasure Chests Abandoned Sewers, Derelict Factory
The Thunder Blade (also known as Bolt Sword in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's fifth-level weapon. It has an attack power of 25. It can be found in a chest at the Abandoned Sewers and/or the Derelict Factory in a chest.

In-game, the sword's sprite via its blade is the same as the Silver Sword, Primeval Blade, Onimaru, Rainbow and Slash's two swords (silver white), though the slashing trail being colored yellow-ish white (akin to the Light element) is the main difference between the Silver Sword and Thunder Blade visual-wise.

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