Shiva Edge
Japanese Name 朱雀
(すざく, Suzaku, lit. Vermilion Sparrow)
SNES/PSX Name Shiva Edge
Equipment Type Katana
Description A sword imbued with holy power
Attack 170
Effect 4x critical hit damage
Sell 20,000 G
Treasure Chests Hero's Grave (Present)

The Suzaku (also known as Shiva Edge in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's eighteenth-level katana in Chrono Trigger. It has an attack power of 170 and its critical hits do 4x the damage as a normal attack, though it has a base critical hit rate of 7% as a trade off.

It can be obtained by upgrading one of the sealed chests in the Hero's Grave during the Present prior to opening the same chest in the Middle Ages.

The blade's sprite in-game is colored with a faint-murky green hue, with its slashing trail being a silver-colored curved-yet-bulky trail (with the said shape being shared by the Rainbow and the DS-exclusive Dreamseeker).

Name OriginEdit

Zhuque/Suzaku is one of the Four Saint Beasts of Asian mythology, and is the name given to a previous Emperor of Japan. Its theme naming matches with the DS-exclusive weapon, Icewyrm, with its Japanese name being one of the other Saint Beasts, Qinglong/Seiryū.

Shiva on the other hand, is a Hindu deity, is the name attributed to an Aeon in Final Fantasy. This theme naming ties into the original version of this weapon in the SNES/PSX port, the Kali Blade (Kali is another Hindu deity).

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