Location Fort Dragonia (Another World)
HP Innate
365 White
Attack Magic Attack
47 12
Defense Magic Defense
68 50
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Iron n/a
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Screw n/a
Absorbs Immune
n/a n/a

SunOfAGun is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. The party deactivates the White Crystal after defeating it.

Attack PatternEdit

This boss has several Modes it can enter and the techs/elements it casts is dictated by what mode it is in. It also uses regular attacks and has significant physical and magic resistance, but has relatively low HP.

Happy: Uses KissyWissy which puts one character to sleep.
Angry: Casts Photon Beam followed by Meteor Shower
Sad: Casts Weak Minded followed by Strong Minded
Blank: Casts AntiBlack followed by HolyLight

It will cycle through these modes randomly and is the first boss you can trap Holylight from..

Related EnemiesEdit

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