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Marcy stringphone
Marcy uses StringPhone.
Type Magic
Color Blue
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Opponent
User Marcy
Description Send a cold signal down your secret string line

StringPhone is a Bluetech used in Chrono Cross. After acquiring 19 boss stars, Marcy employs her adeptness with string to send a chilling message along a line of string to cause a single target to catch the Flu.


Swinging a piece of string in a circle, Marcy levitates above the ground and tosses the end of the line at the target. Upon connecting, she transmits a ball of blue energy across the link.

Name OriginEdit

Marcy employs string in her other techniques as well as StringPhone. In Cat'sCradle, she makes use of a childhood game to cause damage to a foe. In StringPhone, she applies a similar antic. It is common among children to tie two tin cans together via a string to simulate a telephone. The vibration of which is believed to carry messages from one can to the other.

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