Steel Saber
Japanese Name 鋼鉄の刀
(こうてつのかたな, Kōtetsu no Katana, lit. Katana of Steel Iron)
Equipment Type Katana
Description An orthodox steel saber
Attack 15
Price 800G
Sell 400G
Vendor Locations Truce, etc.
Won From Arena of the Ages
Treasure Chests Manolia Cathedral

The Steel Saber (鋼鉄の刀 Steel Iron Katana?) is a weapon in Chrono Trigger. As a katana, it is Crono's third-level katana. It has an attack of 15 and can be bought in Truce for 800 G, in Porre for 800 G, from Melchior in Leene Square for 800 G, or in Medina for 65,000 G. Also, the Steel Saber can be found in a chest within Manolia Cathedral.

In-game, the weapon's blade sprite is colored with light gray, along with having white-curved slashing trail (shaped like a projectile being covered in a wind-tunnel), which is shared shape-wise with the Bronze Blade. Meanwhile, the color of this weapon's sprite is shared with the Yaksha Blade.

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