The Snail Stop
Snail Stop
The Snail Stop
Time Period Present
Notable Inhabitants Piano Man

The Snail Stop (まきがい亭 Makigai Tei) is a location in Chrono Trigger.


The Snail Stop is a restaurant/bar in the Porre in the Present. Though it plays no role in the main story, the jerky bought there can be incorporated in two different sidequests. In "The Sun Stone," the party can give the jerky to the wife of the Porre Elder for free, as opposed to the 10,000G she offers, which causes her family and descendants to become generous and charitable. This is the only way for the party to get the Porre Mayor to give them the partially-charged Moon Stone back after receiving it from a traveler. Also, though not mandatory, Marle can give some jerky to her father to make up for the fight that she had with him after the Chancellor said it was his "favorite food." The king rejected it due to cholesterol issues, further straining their relationship.

Info Edit

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