Smiter's Blade
Pearl Edge
The Evil Slayer
Japanese Name エビルスレイヤー
SNES/PSX Name Pearl Edge
Equipment Type Sword
Description A sword forged to slay foul creatures.
Attack 105
Effect 1.5x damage to magical beings
Price 22000 G
Sell 11000 G
Vendor Locations Kajar
Charmable Fiends Death Lily
Treasure Chests Ocean Palace

Smiter's Blade (also known as Pearl Edge in the SNES/PS version) is a Sword used by Frog in Chrono Trigger. It has an attack power of 105, but deals 150% of normal damage when striking magical enemies. The Smiter's Blade is purchased in Kajar after visiting Mountain of Woe or charmed from a Man-Eater from the mountain before it plunges into the sea.

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