Slasher II
Slasher 2
Japanese Name ソイソーとう2
(Soisō Tō 2/Tsu, lit. Soisoh Blade 2)
SNES/PSX Name Slasher 2
Equipment Type Katana
Description Slash's beloved katana
Attack 155
Charmable Fiends Super Slash

The Slasher II (also known as Slasher 2 in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's sixteenth-level weapon. It has an attack of 155. The Slasher II is obtained by charming Super Slash. It has a base critical hit rate of 22%.

In-game, sprite's blade is colored silver-white with blue-ish tints (akin to the Silver Sword, Thunder Blade, Primeval Blade, Onimaru and Rainbow), with its slashing trail being a straight-lined white flash ending in an impact, much like the Mammoth Tusk's (only colored white). Basically this weapon's appearance via its battle sprite is the exact same as its previous version, the Slasher.

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