Site 16
Site 16's ruins
Time Period Future
Chapter(s) Played In Beyond The Ruins

Site 16 is a location in Chrono Trigger, appearing in the Future. Crono and his friends traverse the ruined site, when they enter this desolate time period via the Gate in Guardia Forest. Believing that a Gate back to the Present sits beyond the site, Crono is advised by the decaying Citizens of Trann Dome that the elder of the Arris Dome, which sits beyond the site as well, knows how to return them to their time period. Entering the ruins of what appears to be a highway or metropolis, the party sees much rubble, garbage, smashed automobiles, and bent traffic lights. Among the rubble, mutants lurk. Rats litter the hazardous passageways and steal Potions from the player upon bumping into them. Unlike the Rats in other ares, these Rats cannot be engaged in combat.



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