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Silver Sword
Silver Sword
Japanese Name 白銀剣
(はくぎんけん, Hakugin Ken, lit. Silver Sword)
SNES/PSX Name Lode Sword
Equipment Type Katana
Description A distinctive sword with a lustrous blade
Attack 20
Price 4,000 G
Sell 2,000 G
Vendor Locations Leene Square
Won From Arena of the Ages
Treasure Chests Prison Towers, Site 16

The Silver Sword (also known as Lode Sword in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's fourth-level weapon.

Found at:

  1. It can be bought at Leene Square for 4000G
  2. In a chest at the Prison Towers
  3. A chest located in Site 16.

The sword's sprite in-game is colored silver-white with a bit of blue via the blade (the color being also shared with the Thunder Blade, Primeval Blade, Onimaru, Rainbow and Slash's swords), with a mold-shaped slashing trail of the same color.

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