Silver Swallow
Silver Swallow
Dash&Slash performed with the Silver Swallow.
Equipment Type Swallows
Description Made out of Mythril Silver
Attack +16
Hit % +2
Materials Eyeball (1), Feather (1), Humour (1), and Mythril (1).

Silver Swallow is a weapon in Chrono Cross. Increasing attack by 16 and hit percent by 2, it can only be equipped by Serge. Materials needed for creating or dismantling this item are: Eyeball (1), Feather (1), Humour (1), and Mythril (1).



  • Swallows are based on Eku, an Okinawan weapon adapted from an oar. The name "swallow" likely emerged due to the shape of the blades which strongly resemble the wings of the birds of the same name.
  • Swallow may be an allusion to Crono's katana in Chrono Trigger, which also bears the name Swallow.