Equipment Type Key Item
Description A seed discovered in a food storage facility.
Won From Arris Dome

The Seed is a key item in Chrono Trigger. Normally used to grow single plants, these seeds possess unlimited potential and are symbols of hope for those who come across them.


The first time Crono encounters a seed, he plucks it from a corpse in the sub-levels below Arris Dome in the Future. Handing it to Doan awards him with the Jetbike Key and allows the survivors of the Dome to replenish their food source. The acquisition of the Seed also boosts their hopes about the future. When Crono and his friends return to this era to retrieve the Epoch from Belthasar, several potted plants are seen in both Arris and Trann Dome, one person having made the dangerous trek through Site 16 to reach Trann.

Secondly, Crono encounters a noteworthy seed in Zeal Palace. An Enligthened Woman acquires a seed from Gaspar, Guru of Time, against the wishes of Queen Zeal. Similar to the Seed recovered in the Future, this Antiquity seed posses magical prowess capable of restoring an entire forest if nourished. The woman with the seed fears planting it, as her queen informs her not to. Should Crono convince her to ignore the Queen's demands, the seed will be passed down through the generations and end up in the hands of Fiona, who uses it to replant the forest surrounding her villa on the Zenan continent once the monsters in the Sunken Desert have been vanquished. After Robo reunites with Crono and his friends, the Seed is placed on the altar of Fiona's Shrine.


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