Sealed Chest
Description It's sealed with a mysterious energy...

The Sealed Chest is a recurring item in Chrono Trigger and is a technology of Zeal. Created in the Antiquity era to house sacred magical relics, these containers scattered across Guardia after the mighty Kingdom fell from the sky. Locked with magical energies, only one bearing a Dreamstone Pendant, charged from the Mammon Machine, can open the chests and obtain the hidden items within. For generations the chests were kept by Guardia citizens, although they could not be opened. Since the boxes were created during the time of the Enlightened Ones, none exist in Prehistory.

Once Crono charged up the Pendant, he located and opened the surviving chests around the world. A trick exists to get the higher item before finding the lesser. Examine the items in the Middle Ages, but don't take the contents out. Then go to the Present and remove the contents; Crono can then travel back in time and take out the lesser items as well. For items hidden behind Sealed Doors, see Sealed Door.


Middle Ages (600 A.D.)Edit

Main article: Middle Ages

Present (1000 A.D.)Edit

Main article: Present

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