Reptite (Green)
Reptite (Green)
Japanese Name Reptite (恐竜人 Kyōryūjin?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
92 200 30
72 2 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Mystic Mountains
Reptite Lair
Treasure Petal
Charm Magma Hand
Techs Sleep Bubble / Sleep
Kick Combo
Counters None
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Reptite (Green) is an enemy in Chrono Trigger. First appearing in Mystic Mountains during Prehistory, these Reptites also appear in the Reptite Lair. Ayla rescues Crono and his friends from a swarm of these creatures when they travel to Prehistory in search of Dreamstone. Robo's Laser Spin Tech will kill any number of them in one casting.

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