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Raia Ashtear
Raia Ashtear
Designer(s) Chains of Fate, Lena Andreia
Occupation Scientist
Age 25
Origin Medina (2400 AD)
Element None
Weapon Orbs

Raia Ashtear is a playable character in Chrono Crisis. The character was originally called Lutania Ashtear but was renamed to avoid confusion with Lucca (her ancestor) and Luccia.

Description Edit

"Raia is a scientist and elite soldier working with Rising Gaia. She's unique in that she is one of the few humans in the organization.
Raia is incredibly intelligent, and daring to an almost suicidal level. She seems to enjoy the rush of running at a group of armed soldiers only to completely decimate them with her weapons. She's an expert at improvising, often depending on her personal computer companion, Blazer, to ensnare her enemies.
Raia seems to have a rough past, though she refuses to talk about it. It's no secret that the Central Regime apparently took someone important to her, though...
Raia is a cyber warrior, her body augmented with robotics. She fights with a pair of remote laser orbs that are controlled by her upgraded SAIH processor. Her reflexes are also boosted due to her implants, which allows her to pull off amazing feats of strength and agility.
Because Raia's body has been augmented so much, she is unable to use magic. Her attacks are all speed based, and her HP tends to be a little on the low side. However, she gets a large number of attacks due to her speed and stamina."

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