Japanese Name R-Series (Rシリーズ R Shirīzu?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
150 127 50
80 1 100
Weak Absorbs Immune
Lightning None None
Location Derelict Factory (2300 AD)
Treasure None
Charm None
Techs Robo Punch
Robo Cable Punch
Counters Robo Laser
Robo Pitch
Robo Explosion
Combo Counters None
Combos Beast Toss

R-Series are bosses that appear in the Derelict Factory in 2300 AD. They are related to Robo, except their mission is to exterminate the humans, one they claim Robo has forgotten. Deeming him defective, they assault him and throw him into a garbage chute, before turning their attention to the human intruders. Infuriated by what they have done to Robo, Marle or Lucca, along with Chrono, fights and defeats them.


With Robo out of commission, the player only has access to Chrono and the party member who came with him to the Factory. Use Cyclone or Fire Whirl to hit multiple foes at once.


Chrono Trigger - R Series07:01

Chrono Trigger - R Series

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