Proximity Bomb
Proximity Bomb
Learned By Robo
SNES/PS Name Area Bomb
MP Cost 14
Element Type Fire
TP Req'd 800
Target Enemies close to Robo
Description Damage enemies w/ Meltbeam
Double Techs Double Bomb

Proximity Bomb is Robo's seventh tech and an enemy skill. As it's name implies, it will only hit enemies close to Robo. It has a large range, being able to strike enemies relatively far away. As most other "explosive" related techs; it deals fire element damage. Robo builds up energy, and then releases it in a fiery explosion which surrounds him as well as his immediate area.

Enemy TechEdit

Proximity Bomb
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Used By Atropos XR
Element Type Fire
Target Enemies close to the Enemy
Description Blast surrounding enemies.

Proximity Bomb is a tech used by Robo, a series of robot created in the Geno Dome in the Future. Atropos XR is also a robot from that creation center, so it is no surprise she would use an identical tech in battle.

Name OriginEdit

Proximity is a word meaning "near-ness". In explosive artillery, a proximity mine triggers its explosive material when objects pass within its motion detector's range.

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