Primeval Blade
Aeon Blade
Japanese Name 太古の剣
(たいこのつるぎ, Taiko no Tsurugi, lit. Sword of Ancient Times)
SNES/PSX Name Aeon Blade
Equipment Type Katana
Description A sword steeped in ancient power
Attack 70
Price 3 Fang, 3 Horn
Sell 6,250 G
Vendor Locations Ioka Village Hut
Charmable Fiends Megasaur

The Primeval Blade (also known as Aeon Blade in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's ninth-level weapon. It has an attack power of 70. It can be traded for at the Ioka Village Hut for 3 Fangs and 3 Horns and/or charmed from Megasaur.

In-game, the blade of the weapon's sprite is shared with the Silver Sword, Thunder Blade, Onimaru, Rainbow and both of Slash's weapons. However, its slashing trail is that of a twin sparks forming a distorted lighting bolt shape (both colored yellow-orange), an effect shared by the in-game versions of both the Yaksha Blade and Zanmato.

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