Poyozo Doll
Poyozo Doll
Poyozo Doll in Geno Dome
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Poyozo Doll is a minor character and item in Chrono Trigger and Dimensional Adventure Numa Monjar.


A sheep-like stuffed animal with a white wool body, beige face, and big cartoonish eyes.


Chrono TriggerEdit

Several Poyozo Dolls appear throughout the game, performing different functions. One serves as a sign in the Truce Market, instructing visitors to check out the stall at the Millennial Fair. At the fair, they are distributed as prizes at Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors, capable of playing the theme music of whichever character wins them. Yet another exists in Enhasa, apparently sentient and alive; it asks the party whether they believe in fate, and grants them a clue about Belthasar's hidden rooms if they discount the notion of destiny. The rest exist in the future; there, Belthasar stored three away for use on Death Peak to facilitate Crono's revival. Lastly, two lie in the Geno Dome, serving as puzzle pieces that must be dealt with before Robo can access Mother Brain. The fact that one Poyozo is alive lends a sense of enigma to the dolls. The Enhasa doll could be magically enchanted, or Belthasar, creator of Zeal Technologies, invented the Poyozo Doll to assist with his magical experiments.

Dimensional Adventure Numa MonjarEdit

Alongside a Nu, a Poyozo named Mamo tries to recruit members for their group "Nuumamonjaa". Finding no one willing to join them, they wander the fair and interrupt the robot Johnny's show.

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