Pip casts Pounce
Type Tech
Color Depends on Pip's innate color
Allocation Level 3±0
Target One enemy
User Pip
Description Hurl body at foe with all one's might.


Pounce is a tech in Chrono Cross. This level 3 tech is used by Pip and is acquired automatically at 3 star levels. The exact appearance of the tech depends on Pip's evolution form. In his unevolved form, Pip flips into the air and lands using his tail as a spring to catapult him at the enemy. In his Arch Angel form, Pip flys higher, does a backflip and launches himself at the enemy. In his Arch Devil form, Pip bounces around on the ground before twirling into the air and launching himself at the enemy. In his Holy Beast form, Pip does a somersault, spins quickly in place, and then flys at the enemy.

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