Porre Elder's Wife
Crono's Mother
Home Time 600 A.D.
Home Area Porre
Age Unknown, middle aged
Family Porre Elder,
two daughters,
one son,
Porre Mayor and his children (Descendants)
Gender Female

The Porre Elder's Wife is a character in Chrono Trigger.


She appears like many other citizens of the middle ages.


She appears in the Porre Elder's Manor in the Middle Ages, wishing she could have some spiced jerky so she could make a "wondrous meal." If Crono gave her some from the Snail Stop of 1000 A.D. for free, she vowed to teach her children about caring and generosity. This eventually pays off as the Porre Mayor becomes a good, charitable person, giving the party back the Sun Stone.


  • Interestingly, even after you give her the spiced jerky for free the player can buy more jerky after and take the 10,000g and the mayor will still turn out to be generous.

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