PoisonGas Element
Wingapede uses PoisonGas on the party.
Type Magic
Color Green
Target random
User Wingapede

PoisonGas is a Green enemy tech used in Chrono Cross. Failing to provide the Wingapede with Ancient Fruit atop Hydra Marshes when it is called using the Beeba Flute, the Wingapede engages Serge in battle. At least once in the battle, Wingapede casts PoisonGas in attempts to whittle away the party's Hit Points, through the Status Effect this move causes, Poison. In Viper Manor Bluffs, Loch Nest cast PoisonGas. Unlike the Wingapede technique, Loch Nest's version only strikes a single target and the hit rate is extremely low.


The caster unleashes a thick, green gas that pollutes the battle field and is inhaled by the party members. If successfully poisoned, clouds of purple gas hover over the targets it worked on.

Name OriginEdit

Poisonous gas is a warfare tool used to cripple an enemy(ies), through suffocation of by forcing the gas into their bloodstream to poison them.

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