PhotonBeam Element
Serge uses PhotonBeam on a Wraith.
Type Magic
Color White
Allocation Level 3±5
Target One Enemy
User Any
Description Bombards enemy with an extra-powerful laser. Inflicts Fatigued.

PhotonBeam is a 3rd-level White Element. After boarding the S.S. Invincible, Serge and his friends are held prisoner below the decks. While incarcerated, the Ghost Ship boards the Invincible and dispatches legions of undead creatures. Navigating the ship in search of Fargo, a chest containing PhotoBeam is found. This element is the stronger alternative to PhotonRay.


When cast, a ball of techni-colored light grows before the caster. Reaching its maximum peak, a jet of colored light stems from the ball and pierces a single target for moderate Holy damage.

Name OriginEdit

A Photon is a particle of light. When concentrated into a beam, the blinding brilliance of that light could be quite damaging.

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