This is about the boss. you may be looking for the character, or the other boss.

Once-King Dalton
Ct dalton
HP Defense Magic Defense
26000 110 72
6000 0 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
None None None
Location Dimensional Vortex
Treasure None
Charm None
Techs Iron Sphere
Gale Slash
Energy Spheres
Scorch (Fire II / Flare)
Deep Freeze (Ice / Ice II)
Plasma (Lightning II / Luminaire)
Nether Blast (Dark Bomb / Dark Matter)
Counters MP Buster
Violent Belch / Burrrrp!
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Once-King Dalton is a boss in Chrono Trigger (DS) that appears in the Dimensional Vortex.

Dalton is still pretty easy, though he will launch attacks like Fire II and Ice II. When he is defeated, he will counter with a powered-up Burrrp!.

Dalton will be angry that you beat him again, and will say something about going to Porre to raise an army. Although he says this, he will not appear anywhere in the town in either timezone. This is a reference to Chrono Cross, in which Porre invaded the land where Trigger takes place, Guardia, and later invades El Nido as well.

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