Scorpoid uses NeedleWork on Luccia.
Color Blue
Target Single Opponent
User Scorpoid

NeedleWork is a Blue Enemy Tech used by Scorpoid in Chrono Cross. Finding these Scorpion-like creatures on Water Dragon Isle, they sometimes cast this tech on a single target, potentially inflicting the Status Effect, Frozen, as well as damage.


Bending their tail/neck appendage toward the target, several ice-blue spikes shoot from its mouth, piercing through in a series of white puffs of energy.

Name OriginEdit

NeedleWork is a pun on the fact that Scorpions, upon which Scorpoids are based, have stingers. Additionally, Needle work is synonymous with knitting or crocheting. Because these are relatively relaxing and innocuous tasks, the pun may reside in the fact that this tech is the opposite.

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