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Chrono Trigger Napalm
Lucca uses Napalm on Spekkio.
Learned By Lucca
MP Cost 4
Element Type Fire
TP Req'd 150
Target Circle of Enemies
Description Bomb enemies within a circle.

Napalm is Lucca's 4th-level Tech in Chrono Trigger. As a fire-element, Lucca uses combines her newly acquired magical prowess with her knowledge of mechanics to forge a bomb. The damage afflicted counts as magical damage. Napalm is a weaker version of Lucca's tech, Megaton Bomb.


When cast, Lucca throws a grey bomb at the target and an orange dome erupts on impact. Several smaller explosions accompany the blast. While this tech usually hits only one enemy, a cluster of up to three enemies can be effected by Napalm if they are close to the origin-point of the bomb.

Name OriginEdit

Napalm is a type of explosive popularized by the Vietnam War. As a type of petrolium-based gelling agent, Napalm ignites the gel to cause raging fires. Since Lucca is a Fire-element, this tech seems appropriate.

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