Equipment Type Joke Weapon (Katana)
Description A wooden mop made for scrubbing floors
Attack 1
Sell 1 G
Charmable Fiends Nu

The Mop (モップ Moppu?) is Crono's weakest weapon, basically a joke weapon, in Chrono Trigger. The mop is obtained by charming a Nu. It has an attack power of 1, despite it being a wooden weapon akin to his Wooden Sword.

In battle/in-game, its sprite still visually resembles a katana, awkwardly enough. This weapon is colored tan while unlike all of Crono's other weapons, has no unique slashing trail of any sort.

Dimensional Adventure Numa MonjarEdit

The Nu and Mamo believed they could recruit Fiends into their gang by offering free mops. They were proven wrong and ended up playing the Drinking Contest Game in Leene Square to win a Golden Shovel and offer that as incentive instead.

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