Millennial Fair
Millenial Fair
The Millenial Fair
Time Period Present
Notable Inhabitants Marle
Chapter(s) Played In The Millennial Fair
Party Members Gained Marle
Bosses Fought Gato (optional)

The Millennial Fair is an event in Chrono Trigger. It celebrates 1000 years since the founding of the kingdom of Guardia. With many games, prizes, and events that lasts several days, it takes place in Leene Square. Various games and prizes use Silver Points as a type of currency.

It is here that Crono meets Marle, their meeting given significance by the ringing of Leene's Bell shortly thereafter.

Games & PrizesEdit

There are several games where Silver Points can be won and other places where they can be redeemed or spent on bigger and better games.

Bell RingingEdit

The traditional strength test. Hitting the hammer at the right point causes the striker to fly up to the bell and hit it, making it ring. It rewards 1 Silver Point.

Drinking GameEdit

Drink more than the burly man (8 mugs before time runs out) to win 5 Silver Points.

Fight with GatoEdit

Fight Lucca's robotic creation. Upon winning the fight, it rewards 15 silver points in addition to EXP and one TP.


The four racers run around the track on the first tier.

Guess which one will win and receive 20 silver points. The old man watching the races is often right about who will win next.

Money tentEdit

This tent is set up so that people can cash in their silver points. Exchanging 10 Silver Points awards 50 G.

Norstein Bekkler's Tent of HorrorsEdit

Spend Silver Points to partake in more challenging games for bigger and better prizes. Cats, Cat food, and Doppel Dolls are won here.

Merchants Edit

  • Merchant - Sells standard items such as potions, etc.
  • Melchior, the Swordsmith - Buy swords and armor from this man.

Events Edit

  • Jurassic Rhythm - Dance to a prehistoric beat with musicians dressed like cavemen.
  • Lucca's New Invention - Critical to the story, this is the demonstration of Lucca and Taban's new creation, the Telepods.
  • Parade - On the final night of the fair, a great parade walks around the race track in celebration.

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