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Megaton Bomb
Chrono Trigger Megabomb
Learned By Lucca
SNES/PS Name Mega Bomb
MP Cost 15
Element Type Fire
TP Req'd 600
Target Circle of Enemies
Description Blast enemies within a circle.
Double Techs Double Bomb
Line Bomb

Megaton Bomb (also known as Mega Bomb in the SNES/PS version) is Lucca's 7th-level Tech in Chrono Trigger. Capable of striking all targets within a certain vicinity, this tech follows the motifs of other techs in Lucca's tech library, that is: the animation contains explosives and fire. Megaton Bomb is the stronger alternative to Napalm.


Lucca adjusts her glasses and proceeds to throw a big, dark-gray bomb at the target, around whom dozens of heavy explosions erupt.


A megaton is a unit of measurement, used to gauge the energy output of nuclear weapons (and thus, destructive power). A megaton equals one million tons of TNT or 4,184 petajoules. The name suits the tech because the animation includes a warhead-like bomb.

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