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Matison Embree
Matison Embree
Designer(s) Chains of Fate, Lena Andreia
Occupation Student
Age 18
Origin Aris Dome (Kingdom Year 1999)
Element Dark (Earth; Yellow)
Weapon Gloves

Matison Embree is a playable character in Chrono Crisis.

Description Edit

"Xavier's best friend and the female heartthrob of Aris Academy, Matison is easily loveable and the center of a lot of attention. Her popularity is only stunted by the fact that she continues to keep the rather unpopular Xavier in her close company. Matison is often the voice of reason in Xavier's life. When he tries to sneak out of school to hit the arcade, it's Matison who calmly reminds him of his grades.
Because of her family's wealth, Matison lives in the upper tiers of Aris. However, she still rides into Truce every day to take the train back up to the school with Xavier. When they first met as children, she tried to give Xavier some of her money but he refused, telling her that money seemed to only make people bad. Since then, she's gone to great lengths to play down her wealth.
Matison is very skilled and knowledgeable on martial arts, and even has her own private dojo in her house where she practices her skills. She prefers to fight with her own strength, and uses a variety of gloves and boots to boost her power."

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