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Equipment Type Swallow
Description The second advent of the holy sword Masamune!
Attack + 20-23 (10%)
Hit % + 4%
Materials Cannot be disassembled
Won From Dario

Mastermune is Serge's ultimate weapon in Chrono Cross. It has a 100% critical hit rate. It can be found after defeating Dario on the Forbidden Island. Mastermune deals extra damage to Demon, Dragon, Floating, Human, Marine, Matter, Soft, and Zombie enemy-types. Mastermune may be an allusion to the Triple Tech of the same name from Chrono Trigger.

Transformed from the holy sword, Masamune, its inhabitants (Masa & Mune) awaken and dedicate themselves to be helping Serge. Doreen melds with them to form the weapon. When it is equipped and Serge uses his FlyingArrow tech, Masa & Mune can be seen behind him powering it up.

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