The Real Masamune
Japanese Name グランドリオン
Equipment Type Sword
Description A legendary blade awoken by virtue.
Attack 200
Effect Heals Frog when hit by The Mammon Machine
Won From Northern Ruins (600 AD)

The Upgraded Masamune is Frog's best weapon in Chrono Trigger. He receives it after visiting Cyrus' grave in 1000 A.D.. It has almost 3x the power of the unupgraded one and is needed for the Triple Tech Master Mune(also see Crimson Echoes: Grandleon). Attacks from Mammon Machine heal Frog when this sword is equipped. Wearing the Hero's Badge or the Champion's Badge (DS Remake only) increases the critical hit ratio of this weapon.

See also: Masamune, Broken Blade, and Broken Hilt

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