MagmaBurst Element
Kid uses MagmaBurst on a Lava-Boy.
Type Magic
Color Red
Allocation Level 4±4
Target One Enemy
User All
Description Makes lava gush out from beneath enemy. Inflicts Confuse.

MagmaBurst is a 4th-level Red Element in Chrono Cross. Any character can use this element, inflicting damage and the Status Effect, Confuse, on the target. Opah Fish cast MagmaBust as 4th, 5th, and 6th elements, while TutanShaman casts it as 5th and 6th level elements. The animations between the character element and enemy element are identical. This move appears to be the stronger alternative of FirePillar.

How to ObtainEdit

Purchase and ChestsEdit

For 240G, MagmaBurst can be purchased from Lisa in Termina. Otherwise, the element is found in chests in Mount Pyre and Fort Dragonia (both are found in the Another World versions of the locations).

Steals and DropsEdit

Commonly, Lava-Boy and Polly drop this element, while Mamma Dingo drop it only on rare occasions. Stolen from Gobledygook on rare occurences, Lantern Jaw are most commonly looted for MagmaBurst.


Opening beneath the trunk of a single target is a pool of moving magma. The molten rock swells from the hole and bubbles over them in a dome-shape as veins of electricity snap around it, culminating in an upward thrust of a magma pillar directly through the their center.  The spell deals moderately heavy magma damage to its target and sometimes inflicts the Confused status.


  • MagmaBurst seems to be a direct description of the element's animation, thus explaining its name.
  • Ironically, molten rock can only be called magma when it sits below the surface of the ground. Once it touches open air, it is known as lava. This element does not depict Magma in any sense; it depicts lava. So, in every essence, this name is scientifically incorrect.

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