Magic Crest
Magic Seal
Equipment Type Accessory
Description An emblem that boosts magical strength.

Magic Crest (also known as Magic Seal in the SNES/PS version) is an accessory in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Effects vary between games.

Chrono TriggerEdit

Increasing both Magic and Magic Defense by 5 points, this item can be worn by any character and is obtained in the Black Omen inside a chest.

Chrono CrossEdit

Increasing Magic by 4 points, this item can be worn by any character. It is commonly dropped by FATE and is a rare steal of the same enemy. In Home World, the Magic Seal can be found in a chest in the sewers beneath Viper Manor. It can be made using 1 Mythril and 3 Scales and sells for 1125G.

Name OriginEdit

Crests are components of heraldry. This crest represents a magical organization, idea, or ritual and so it boosts magical affinities. Official artwork for this accessory bears what appears to be a Pentagram, which is often an occult symbol. It may also be a Star of David.

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