Magic Capsule
Magic Tab
Japanese Name マジックカプセル
Effect Magic +1
Sell 5 Gold
Charmable Fiends Azala


Treasure Chests Trann Dome

The Magic Capsule (also known as Magic Tab in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger. It increases the basic Magic stat of any character by 1.

It is found as a blue sparkle on a surface, by using Charm on an enemy, or is given by an NPC. There are 40 magic tabs in the entire game, 15 of which are obtained by fighting Spekkio at different levels at the End of Time, 17 are found on maps, and 8 tabs can be charmed by Ayla.

End of TimeEdit

Main article: End of Time

EOT MT1Beat Spekkio between levels 1 and 9 (Amphibite form) EOT MT20Beat Spekkio between levels 10 and 19 (Kilwala form).
EOT MT10Beat Spekkio between levels 20 and 29 (when he's in Goblin form).
EOT MT30Beat Spekkio between levels 30 and 39 (Omnicrone form). EOT MT40Beat Spekkio between levels 40 and 98 (Masa & Mune form). EOT MT99Beat Spekkio at level 99 (when he's in Nu form). Awards 10 Capsules.


Main article:Prehistory

Azala MTCharm Azala in Tyranno Lair


Main article:12000 BC

Enhasa MTBeat all six Nu in Enhasa's Water, Wind, Fire. Scratch MTScratch the Nu's back in Zeal Palace, then in Kajar. Golem Charm MTCharm Golem in Zeal Palace. Ocean Palace MTOcean Palace, take the elevator down, then up. MtWoe MTDown the last chain before Giga Gaia in Mountain of Woe. Last Village MTBehind the Nu in Last Village(wait until he leaves). Blackbird MTNortheast of the air-duct in Blackbird.

Middle AgesEdit

Main article:600 AD

Dorino MTGive the Cathedral'sNaga-ette Bromideto Elder in Dorino. Denadoro Mts MTSpeak to the Kilawala in Denadoro Mountains 4 times. Magus Lair MTBeat Flea in the Fiendlord's Keep. FL MTFall though the Southeat hole made by Ozzie in the Fiendlord's Lair. Ozzie MTOzzie's Fort, in a secret room southeast of the Trap-Box.


Main article:1000 AD

Elder MTOn the desk in the Medina Elder's House (upstairs)
HeroGrave MTTo the left of Cyrus' tomb in Hero's Grave.


Main article:2300 AD

Trann Dome MTChest in Trann Dome behind Sealed Door. Keeper Dome MTIn Keeper's Dome, behind sealed door, after acquiring Epoch seats. GenoDome MtGeno Dome, behind the red laser barrier. GenoDome2 MTGeno Dome, in "switch" hidden passage.

Black OmenEdit

Main article:Black Omen

BlackOmen MTCharm Ghaj for a total of four Magic Capsules.


  • A man in Zeal claims he invented and creates Magic Capsules. Either they scattered across Guardia through unstable Gates, or they disbursed after Zeal crashed into the continent in Antiquity.

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